Twitter War! The Iron Sheik Calls Out Arian Foster!

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Sheik suggested Arian eat some animal feces....

...and then hit him with the ultimate finisher, the Camel Clutch of Sheik Twitter insults, he equated Arian Foster to Hulk Hogan....


It was about this time that the Sheik-a-maniacs were coming out of the woodwork, apparently offering up some "eat dog shit" appetizers to Foster to go with the Sheik's main course:

Ultimately, Arian Foster did the disappointing (to me, at least) but prudent thing, and let the Sheik be:

And just like that, the Twitter dream match we'd all been hoping for ended with a resounding thud. That's the bad news.

The good news is that the Iron Sheik could get back to tormenting Dwight Howard, and that's a cause that all of us, American or Iranian, can get behind...

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