Twitter War! The Iron Sheik Calls Out Arian Foster!

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They say Twitter is best utilized when it's an extension of one's personality, so having seen that Sheik interview, we circle back to his Twitter reply to Arian Foster's request for some funny people to follow:

Extension of personality? Um, yes.

To people who don't follow or know about the Iron Sheik, his reply to Foster was some sort of twisted demand for butt sex. To anyone who follows Arian Foster and the Iron Sheik (I raise my hand), the Sheik's reply was a gift from the Twitter heavens, a Festivus miracle!

Honestly, if I had to pick two people on my timeline to converse with each other on Twitter, it might be the Iron Sheik and Arian Foster, and it was about to happen! (To be clear, the Iron Sheik and anybody else are all tied for second. The Iron Sheik is awesome.)

So we all waited for Arian's reply, and when it finally came it became clear -- Arian Foster is not in on the Iron Sheik joke. He's clearly in the "sees Sheik's tweet as a twisted demand for butt sex" group.

Still, the Iron Sheik stayed after it....

...and still Arian Foster was having none of it....

Still, the Sheik began going to all of his different Twitter go-to moves, which mostly involve the Sheik telling everyone how small their dick is:

At this point, Arian Foster began to realize that the Iron Sheik is not just some garden variety kook spewing venom and threatening sodomy as a weapon to encourage humility. He's a kook with 238,000 Twitter followers!

Sheik went to the Koko B. Ware card....

Arian tweeted empathy for Sheik's dilapidated mental state....

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