Top 10 Coolest Cars under $25,000

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Photo by Joseph Capparella
7. Jeep Wrangler
Base Price: $22,195

The Jeep Wrangler is one of those iconic American images that just sticks around. Not much has really changed since the original Willy's Jeep of World War II, but that's what gives the Wrangler its old school charm. The removable roof and doors make this the perfect summer ride, and Jeep's rough-and-tumble heritage means that this trucklet has more legitimate all-terrain capabilities than anything else on (or off) the road.

Photo by Joseph Capparella
6. Mazda MX-5
Base Price: $23,720

Driving with the wind in your hair on a sunny day is a surefire way to feel cool. The Miata is the cheapest full convertible on the market and has a storied history to back it up. Introduced in 1989, the Miata was revolutionary because it combined classic British roadster charm with dependable Japanese reliability. Even though it doesn't have much power, this Mazda is rear-wheel-drive, light, and perfectly balanced. The Miata proves that it's more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow.

Photo by Joseph Capparella
5. Hyundai Veloster
Base Price: $17,600

You might think that this looks like just another impractical sports coupe, but this Hyundai has a trick up its sleeve. On the right side of the car there is a semi-hidden third door allowing easier access to the rear seat. It's more versatile than it looks. Underneath, it's more like an economy car than a sports car, but that means you'll get good mileage and the optional turbo engine adds some zip.

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