Possibly Coming to a Texas High-School Football Field Near You: Only One Full-Contact Practice Per Week

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Coaches loooovvveeee State Representative Eddie Lucio III's concussion safety bill.
Last Thursday, State Representative Eddie Lucio III, a Democrat from Brownsville, filed House Bill 887. If enacted, the law would limit middle-school and high-school football programs to one full-contact practice per week.

"Like most people, I'm influenced by the stories I read and the news I see...and how little we're doing," says Lucio about the bill that's similar to the Ivy League rule that limits full-contact practices to twice a week, which is three less than the NCAA permits.

How do some Texas high-school football coaches feel? Really happy and super stoked. (Actually, not at all.)

"Just like most of the legislation in Texas and in Washington, the writers of the proposed legislation neglect to seek input from the people who know the most about it," says Don Clayton, head football coach and athletic coordinator at Cinco Ranch High School. "[Lucio] needs to show me hard proof on how going full pads only once a week will accomplish what he desires."

"Our starting free safety played an entire football season without a concussion and then suffered a concussion last Friday night in a basketball game," continues Clayton. "Do they want to introduce a bill recommending helmets for basketball?"

Lucio explains that he was inspired to file the bill following a November 2012 episode of HBO's Real Sports. In it, a group of Purdue University professors conclude that amateur athletes who aren't clinically diagnosed with a concussion are still experiencing fundamental -- and potentially harmful -- shifts in brain activity.

The HBO show originally aired more than a year after the publication of our investigative story "Knocked Out," which featured exclusive interviews with the Purdue professors as well as in-depth discussions of the sometimes irreversible and negative effects of sports concussions in young athletes.

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Jim Costello
Jim Costello

Our economy is suffering concussions.. can the politicians fix THAT first before destroying our sports too?

Dan Binder
Dan Binder

does this guy not realize how freaking IMPORTANT football is?

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