Chris Sutton: School Cop Busted for Allegedly Having Sex with Male Teen He Met on Grindr

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Chris Sutton: Former school cop, alleged Grindr fan.
A former school cop and a high school referee have been charged for having sex with the same teenager in Conroe.

Chris Sutton, a 14-year veteran of the Conroe Independent School District police, and Brian Ortiz, who has been a football and basketball referee employed by CISD for a year and a half, face charges of improper relationship between educator and student, court documents show.

Court documents say Sutton had been communicating with the adult male student on Grindr -- a popular gay hookup app -- for a while before meeting him at a church function last April.

The student then realized the Grindr connection, and the two went to a nearby park to have sex.

Brian Ortiz: Referee is jailed.
Several other hookups occurred at parks and in a residence, documents show. School officials were unaware of any wrongdoing until Sutton resigned February 17. CISD police then called in Conroe police.

Ortiz met the student at a homecoming event last October, documents show.

The Montgomery County Police Reporter says Ortiz and the student entered into a dating relationship, and Ortiz was not happy that Sutton was also meeting the student.

"The entire episode came to light when Ortiz, who was dating the male, told Sutton, the CISD Police Officer, that he (Ortiz) would go to the media if Sutton didn't back out of the relationship," the MCPR writes.

Conroe police are asking anyone with further information on the case to contact them.

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The article states that the student was an adult, Why then wouldnt you expose the students name as well considering he was obviously on the prowl.


I did not realize two men having sex with the same teenager was illegal in Conroe.  So they would have been clear had it been two separate teenagers?



The only thing that is illegal is the "educator" vs student relationship. Sutton and Ortiz are both employed by CISD. Sutton being a police officer, Ortiz being a ref. And the student is an 18 year old at Caney Creek High School. 

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