Super Bowl XLVII: Five Prop Bets And Game Prediction

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Ravens tight end DENNIS PITTA OVER 44 1/2 receiving yards -115
The Ravens will be doing plenty of throwing. PItta is Flacco's security blanket, and should get enough targets to get over this number.

Ravens quarterback JOE FLACCO OVER 235 1/2 yards -140
This game is most likely to go one of two ways -- the Ravens win it behind Flacco's arm with the Ravens quarterback taking shots down the field against a secondary that has been shaky this postseason, especially against Atlanta in the NFC title game, OR the Ravens looks like the shaky unit we saw for the middle portion of the season and Baltimore gets snowed under by a barrage o' Kaepernick, which means Flacco will likely be throwing the ball to keep up and come from behind. Either way, 236 yards feels very do-able.

Ravens linebacker RAY LEWIS OVER 11 1/2 tackles -115
The combination of the 49ers going run-heavy with their offense and the statisticians getting swept up in the hoopla of Ray Lewis' final game (meaning he'll get credited with a tackle every time he jumps on the pile at the end of the play) makes this over VERY enticing. And therefore, I shall take it.

I've flip flopped back and forth on this one for the last ten days. After watching them go into New England and methodically dismantle the Patriots in the second half of that game last Sunday, I want to believe that the Ravens are more than just your usual "team of destiny." And I can come up with good reasons why they will win this game: Joe Flacco's finally making the leap to "regular elite conversation" status, Ray Lewis' last ride, the Ravens' clear superiority in special teams. The problem for Baltimore is I can come up with way more reasons to like San Francisco: a defense with more elite-level talent, a quarterback who can beat you with his arms and legs, the ridiculous mismatches that can be exploited in the middle of the field, and a coach who might self-combust if the 49ers lose.

The spread is 3 1/2 right now. I'll buy it down to three just in case, but it won't be necessary.

49ers 35, Ravens 24

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