Surprisingly Easy Super Bowl Break-In Captured On Video (w/ Zapruder Analysis!)

A sequel, of sorts
Until a week or so ago, I had never been to the Super Bowl, so when Sunday morning in New Orleans rolled around last week, I wanted to make sure I made it over to the Superdome several hours before kickoff, partially to take in as much of the experience as possible and partially just to beat the crowd.

I arrived at the stadium (along with my Yahoo! Sports Radio buddy, Mike Pearson) around 2 p.m. for the 5:30 p.m. kickoff. Thank God we got there as early as we did, because the process to check the media into the building was the picture of inefficiency, a combination of confusion and apathy that screamed "Louisiana!"

After a solid 45 minutes or so, well ahead of game entry rush hour, we finally made our way into the stadium. Understand that the amount of time it took to get into the stadium had very little to do with any sort of meticulous attention to detail on the part of security.

As it turns out, the amateur footage shot by a couple of Super Bowl gate crashers corroborates that night backs up my impressions.

Below is seven minutes of footage from two Savannah State University students who, in the video, go by the code names of "Kobe" and "LeBron." In the footage, you can see that they methodically and all too easily execute their plan to break into the Super Bowl. The eventual plan supposedly is for them to release all of their footage as a documentary, a documentary that frankly could double as a how-to for anyone looking to terrorize a Super Bowl in New Orleans.

Check out the footage and follow along with my Zapruder-style analysis beneath the video:

0:01 -- Video begins with footage from the local news in New Orleans puffing their collective chest out at the 4,000 security officials that will be put to use on Super Bowl Sunday to ensure that the bad guys don't win at what amounts to our biggest annual sporting event as a nation, by far.

0:20 -- Our two perpetrators introduce themselves by outlining their goals -- break into the Super Bowl and document it! They inform us that they are students at Savannah State, the irony of which is not lost on college football fans. Savannah State's football team is best known for providing so little resistance in games this past season that Florida State called the game in the third quarter. Now, it will be Savannah State (in a sense) benefiting from minimal resistance. (Yes, the security at the Super Bowl is the Savannah State of security.)

0:48 -- The title "GAME TIME" covers the screen and we are off and running with Kobe and LeBron! Not sure which one is which, and I'm not sure that it matters. In the first few seconds of footage, we learn a couple things:

1. The two gate crashers are filming this whole thing by using cameras perched on their heads. (Odds that these cameras have been used to film amateur POV porn? Somewhere around -50,000.) So film quality and camera steadiness will be at a minimum. Know that going in.

2. They aren't attempting to go in using any sort of disguise. They appear to just be wearing hoodies and regular pants. No phony security get-up, no red polo shirt (Security check-in people at the media entrance were wearing red polos.), just two regular guys being sneaky. With cameras strapped to their heads. What could possibly go wrong? (as it turns out, the answer is "Nothing.")

1:18 -- It looks like Kobe and LeBron are heading over on foot to the Superdome. Here they are walking right past several uniformed police officers. It's hard to tell if they're walking somewhere that is supposed to be restricted, but if they are then these are officially the worst cops of all time. For what it's worth, you can hear them both saying they think that they should have been stopped at the barricade that was placed at the front of the street they walk down.

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Hey Sean, ever think of this scenario?  The dudes actually had tickets, and flashed them to all the proper people prior to filming certain segments of this video.  Basically, they had tickets but pretended they didn't on camera.  There's nothing interesting about two dudes with tix going to the Super Bowl, but there is infinite interest in two dudes "without" tickets recording their efforts to sneak in.  Not saying it is a definite troll, but it very well could be.


@dustin00 Of course anything is possible, but at various times throughout the video they were in places that regular tickets NEVER would have gotten them. I'd guess it's legit.

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