Surviving The Great Blackout Of Super Bowl XLVII

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The Night (Some Of) The Lights (Inside A Stadium) Went Out In New Orleans.
Last night's Super Bowl blackout in New Orleans went something like this.

At first, the lights dimmed in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome after Jacoby Jones' 100-something yard kick return. Just like they had done in preparation for Beyonce's pyro-laden halftime show. Then, the screaming scoreboards and screens that dotted the stadium went black. Then you could feel the air get a little warmer -- there went the A/C -- then you heard 72,000 people murmuring in bewilderment. And then light boos.

And then Bane showed up on one side of the stadium to execute a nuclear scientist and...

Okay, that didn't happen, but surely plenty of you thought that that was what could be next. Or the Undertaker was about show up with Paul Bearer to challenge Ray Lewis to a cage match.

For thirty minutes those of us inside the stadium knew little about what was going on. Press boxes went black. The folks at home were treated to more commercials about horses and beer and babies, and the CBS Sports crew killed time talking about the first half of the game. Quirky history was in the making.

The hashtag #OutageBowl popped up on Twitter.

Social media instantly made Hurricane Katrina and looting jokes. I began hoarding box lunches that were under the media seats for use later as currency for safe passage to the restroom.

The sportswriters around myself and fellow Houston Press scribe Sean Pendergast wondered aloud what would happen if the power never came back on. Would this be the first Super Bowl slash riot in history? Would we need to fight our way out of the Superdome like gladiators?

The Superdome Curse is real. New Orleans Saints faithful and the souls of the bodies buried under the stadium are getting revenge on commissioner Roger Goodell for Bountygate.

The players left on the field immediately began stretching and throwing footballs around to keep limber. Official-looking guys and gals were at the 50-yard line making phone calls and waving their arms in the air at each other as precious advertising dollars went down the drain.

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Brian Borrego
Brian Borrego

It was a 30 minute delay. Not that big of a deal

Bob Moscatello
Bob Moscatello

Wish they went out during the crappy music part of the nite

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