Old, Traded Rockets Tweet Goodbye; New, Traded Rockets Don't Really Tweet Hello

Fly away, little Rockets
Big news coming out of the Toyota Center with the Rockets making a big multi-team trade that saw them pick up, among others, Sacramento power forward Thomas Robinson.

The Rockets bid adieu to starter Patrick Patterson, rotation players Marcus Morris and Toney Douglas, and back-up center Cole Aldrich.

This being the modern social-media age, almost every NBA player has a Twitter page to keep in touch with fans. Often when a player is traded, he takes to the Twitterverse to say goodbye to his old fans and hello to the new ones.

Sometimes. As the twittering in the wake of the Rockets deal showed, things can get a little haphazard.

There was Morris (@MookMorris2) giving some straightforward props to his Space City followers:

"Thanking the Houston Rocket organization and the city of Houston for everything...I enjoyed being here! Teamfoe," it says. (Team F.O.E. means "Family Over Everything.")

Cole Aldrich (@colea45) did the same:

"I wanna thank the Rockets organization and Rockets fans for the great time in Houston," he says.

New Rocket Tyler Honeycutt (@thoneycutt23) seemed underwhelmed, to the point that he let his fans do the talking for him:


And, finally, another newly former Rocket, Patrick Patterson (@pdpatt), seemed focused on letting people know about his sleeping habits, with "Good morning world" or "Goodnight world" filling up his feed:


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I don't know what's more hilarious. The fact that you refer to their accounts as "Twitter Pages", or the fact that you can't figure out how to embed a tweet without dumping your entire XP desktop as an image.

Next time you want to do a social media post, please get Jeff Balke to turn on the computer and type it for you.

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