For Valentine's: The Five Best Recent Rockets Bromances

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2.Yao Ming and Ron Artest
While this bromance only lasted for the 2009 season, no one can deny the love these two showed during that time period.

We all know that the player formerly known as Ron Artest isn't afraid to get in a fight, especially for his teammates. When Yao would get bumped, Artest would come to the rescue with a quickness akin to how fast he charged Ben Wallace, after getting hit with a beer.

That bromance helped the Rockets finally get out of the first round in 2009 and created one of the greatest press conferences of all time, where they joked about Artest running into the stands once again and almost drinking a beer.

Sadly, Artest would go on to win a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers the following year. Well, at least the bromance gave birth to one of the most popular memes ever!

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1. Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons
I was there when Jeremy Lin made his second appearance since re-signing with the Rockets and he said that the previous night, he slept on Chandler Parsons' couch. Everyone laughed, but he was dead serious, and Parsons later backed him up.

In New York, Lin had Landry Fields as his bro and wondered if he could still produce without himo. When he landed in Houston, he found that bro in Parsons.

The two often hang out together, eat with each other, and have hilarious Twitter conversations.

Also, they've created a handshake together, the ultimate sign of being bros (sorry Fields!)

The bros are signed for the next couple of years, so the bromance should continue to develop. The only thing that Lin should fear is Blake Griffin taking Parsons away from him.

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