Rich Get Richer: Moody Foundation Gives Rice $20 Million for Arts Center

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Illustreation by Rice University
Two of the three sections of the 50,000-square foot facility.
You know what the Rice campus needs? More buildings!!! If people work hard enough, we can cover every square inch of the property with a building!!

The Moody Foundation is doing its part. It's given Rice $20 million to build a new Center for the Arts on campus.

The center will, according to Rice, provide space for "arts education, performances and gallery exhibitions on campus and promote collaborations with Houston's world-class art museums."

The building will be 50,000 square feet, which is an awful lot of square feet, and will be divided into three sections, Rice says: "lecture and studio classrooms for arts making and collaboration; a theater venue for experimental and smaller-scale productions; and galleries both for exhibition of faculty and students work and curated exhibits by Rice and jointly with the museums of Houston."

"The arts at Rice have been significantly enhanced over the past decade, and the Moody Center for the Arts will enable Rice University to take an important step to provide suitable space to serve an increasing recognition of the importance of the arts across disciplines," said Rice President David Leebron.

Leebron says the university will take advantage of its location near the Museum District to work with established facilities in town.

Rice still needs to do some fund-raising, but hopes to open the facility in 2015. It will be located near the current arts center near Entrance 8.

"We are forever grateful to the Moody Foundation for its generous support of the arts at Rice and in Houston," Leebron said.

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I just hope they make the building itself look good. If it's another jumbled modernist/ international style monstrosity that you find in so many other cities I will give up and design strip malls for the rest of my life. 


Rice and Art; a huge gap indeed.

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