UH President Renu Khator Thinks You're Fat!! (Maybe)

Shape up, Houston!
University of Houston president Renu Khator has been known throughout her stint as a chic dresser, in a business-savvy way.

Her fashion style is constantly on display to UH alumni who get the school's magazine; each issue seems to contain a half-dozen or so pictures of Khator on the job.

Nothing wrong with putting some thought into your personal style, but when you go attacking an entire city for looking what you feel is less than its best, well....

Frankly, we never knew Khator had it against chubbies, so much so that she would go on a Twitter rant, a blitzkrieg of never-ending passive-aggressive messages offering to "help" her followers lose weight.

The startling evidence:

All right already, Khator!!! We get the message. We could stand to drop some of those Christmas pounds, Just because you effortlessly stay thin......

Oops. Wait. It may not be Khator behind this at all:

Of course, she would try to say she's been hacked.

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