PEDs: On The Differing Treatment of A-Rod and Ray Ray

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It's something that I just can't understand. Alex Rodriguez's a continuing subject of national contempt. Ray Lewis is a treated as a genuinely great guy who is the great team leader setting an example of a righteous life for all to follow. Everything that Rodriguez does is supposedly a calculated attempt to create a winning persona. Nothing that he does is genuine.

Ray Lewis has brainwashed the media while nothing that Alex Rodriguez does works. Maybe it's just that football/baseball thing that I can't understand. That it's okay to take PEDs while playing football while it's the worst crime in the world if one's a baseball player. It doesn't make sense. If taking PEDs is so damn bad, then the anger and the outrage behind the PED usage should be as equal for every sport.

Or maybe there is just a really simple explanation for the differing treatment of Rodriguez and Lewis. Perhaps the national media is not afraid of A-Rod while they're terrified that they'll come to some kind of personal harm if they criticize Lewis too much.

And while we're discussing A-Rod and PEDs, I would also request that the national media invoke what I'm calling the Jeff Bagwell-Guilt-By-Association Rule. If Bagwell is guilty of PED usage and must be kept out of the Hall of Fame because he was friends with and played with Ken Caminiti, Roger Clemens, and Andy Pettitte, then it stands to reason that Derek Jeter used PEDs and must be kept out of the Hall of Fame because Jeter played with A-Rod, Jose Canseco, Pettitte, Clemens, and lots others.

Then again, if there was such a thing as karma in this world, Ray Lewis wouldn't be able to hide behind God, and Alex Rodriguez would be allowed to hide behind Kate Hudson or whoever he happens to be dating at the moment.

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