There's Also Puppy Love on Valentine's Day: These Photos Prove It

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12_zoe_Olak&Ben copy.jpg
Photos by Heather Vidrine
Ben with his two rescued Black Labs, Zoe and Olak.
As you scramble to find that all-important gift that says so much -- the finale to a project to which you've given months seconds of support -- you are taking part in a time-honored tradition celebrating the love that can thrive between two people.

But what about the dogs?

Surely they have feelings, too. From the droopy, sad, disappointed looks an owner gets when Sparky figures out he's not being taken for a walk right now, to the giddy, elated, excited reaction when the opposite is true and it is indeed walk time -- dogs have no trouble letting you know how they feel.

And how they feel at times, Dear Owner, is full of love. For you.

We sent our photo intern Heather Vidrine to some dog parks in the city to document that on VD Day, the love is not limited to humans.

"The love was in the air," she says. "Although the week was gray and wet, the love shown through dog and owner was pure sunshine."

1_Allen-Maggie copy.jpg
Maggie's a mutt but she's found a friend in Allen.

9_Chewy&Gabby copy.jpg
It's "Magic Time" for the lighting of Gabby and her pitbull rescue Chewy.

6_patty_Bear&Chuck copy.jpg
Golden Retriever Chuck looks wary, but it's the nose-in-the-air look of Boston Terrier Bear that you should worry about. Both are protecting owner Patty.

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Danny Jackson Dog Park

4700 Westpark, Houston, TX

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Fun stuff, Mr. Connelly. This almost makes up for that god-awful Jan Michael Vincent bit.

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