Seven ZERO Time NBA All-Stars Who Made More in Career Earnings Than Michael Jordan

5. Jalen Rose
Career Earnings: $102,438,250

Before becoming an insightful analyst (and sometimes awkward studio host) on ESPN, Jalen Rose was a pretty solid NBA player, averaging 14.3 points a game over thirteen seasons with a handful of teams. The only good team on which he was really a meaningful scorer, though, was the 1999-2000 Indiana Pacers, a team that lost to the Lakers in the NBA Finals (Kobe and Shaq's first title!). That season compelled the Pacers into giving Rose a seven-year, $90 million deal. However, they quickly realized that Rose was more glorified role player than foundation piece, so they moved him soon thereafter and allowed him to realize his true destiny -- averaging over 20 points a game for some utterly shitty Chicago Bulls teams.

4. Mike Bibby
Career Earnings: $107,093,621

After three decent seasons to open his career in Vancouver, Bibby was traded to Sacramento to run the point there for a Chris Webber/Vlade Divac-led group with NBA championship aspirations. It was in the 2002 postseason that Bibby appeared to be on the verge of blossoming, hitting several clutch shots for a team that came within a few minutes and some bad luck of making the NBA Finals. The Kings bought into "post-season Bibby" that offseason and decided to give him a seven-year, $81 million deal -- All-Star money to a guy who hadn't made an All-Star team. Nor would he ever make one. Bibby would go one to be a pretty good point guard on some okay teams. He was last seen getting booted from his son's high school game last week for arguing with referees:

3. Lamar Odom
Career Earnings: $107,767,658

I don't know that anybody has been paid more for the unfulfilled allure of what he could be than Lamar Odom, who's been just productive enough to get millions of dollars and multiple years handed to him a couple times and yet a big enough turd to never even be discussed for the All-Star team, let alone make one. He's the perfect fourth guy on a good team, the quintessential role player on steroids, which means his making over $100 million is maybe the classic example of why the league's fiscal system is broken.

2. Brian Grant
Career Earnings: $109,842,052

Wait, did I just call Lamar Odom a "role player?" Hell, he's LeBron James compared to Grant, who averaged ten points and seven rebounds over his twelve-year career. Grant is actually probably best known for being a very expensive, salary-balancing piece (along with Odom, ironically) in the trade that sent Shaquille O'Neal from the Lakers to the Miami Heat. Quite the legacy.

1. Marcus Camby
Career Earnings: $119,024,322

And the title of highest paid player to never make an NBA All Star team goes to Camby, whose legacy is complex enough to where his supporters can say "Hey, the guy averaged almost a double-double for his career (9.6 points, 9.8 rebounds), and was considered the second or third most valuable guy on most of the teams he was on!" and yet his detractors can say "Um.....Marcus Camby?....$119 million?....Really?....REALLY??"

And oddly enough, they're both probably right.

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Staudomire was only a trade after the Brent Price debacle, but we would've all accepted Damon that year.  Maloney was an absolute joke on the floor.


Good job getting Mad Max on the horn this morning.  I missed most of the interview, but caught the tail end.  He was definitely kryptonite to MJ, but MJ is the GOAT and I'm sure he would've "worked it out" with Max over a long series.  Not that the Bulls had any answer for Dream...What could've been.

I remember running into Max a couple of times...Once he was in the County jail and I worked at the courthouse.  I knew he was going to be in court that day so I brought my '94 Rockets Championship cap and had him sign it.  All of the inmates he was holed up with were having him sign their Bibles and whatever.

Another time I saw him at the Cornbread's pool hall (RIP) behind Westheimer near the Beltway.  He liked to play pool.  I would have asked him to play for money but he had just been named an alleged conspirator in a forged $20 bill ring.  Didn't seem like the best time to try to hustle him at the time.

Robert Horry use to go to that pool room, mostly after his days with the Lakers/Spurs, or maybe during the offseason.  He had this silver Ferrari and it was unbelievable how someone so tall could get so low to the ground in that car.  I'd give him shit and ask him how he fit in there each time I saw him.  He just laughed.


And if you use the more complex formula of "Number of All-Star appearances minus number of innocent people wasted with a shotgun," then Jayson Williams makes the list.

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