Cougars Making Uniform Changes Just to Make Changes

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Are the Cougars getting a new look? Again?
Photos have been leaking out for the past month or so of new helmets and uniforms for the University of Houston. As an alum, I'd like to offer up an opinion on the proposed new looks -- yes, looks, as in multiple looks. And my basic opinion is, enough already.

The Cougars just got new uniforms, helmets and logos last season. They also changed looks during the Kevin Sumlin era. During the Art Briles era, the Cougars added blue to the look. Rayner Noble's baseball team had about 60 different combinations of colors, including dark blue and dark gray.

I get that this is how college sports works nowadays. That when Nike says wear these uniforms, you wear these uniforms because Nike's handing out a bunch of cash. But would it really be such a bad thing to stick with one look for a couple of seasons?

The Cougars are proposing a silver chrome helmet (with the logo barely recognizable) on top of a red jersey. There's the white helmet with the red interlocking UH worn with an all-white uniform. There's a red helmet with the gray Cougar logo worn with a gray uniform. And of course, there's the all-red uniform with the shiny red helmet and shiny gray Cougar logo.

Stop it. Please, stop it.

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