NBA All-Star Game: Your Prop Bets for This Weekend

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Who will win the NBA Foot Locker Three-Point Contest?
Stephen Curry (GS) 5/2
Steve Novak (NYK) 5/2
Kyrie Irving (CLE) 4/1
Ryan Anderson (NO) 4/1
Matt Bonner (SA) 5/1
Paul George (IND) 15/2

PICK: Unlike the Dunk Contest, the Three-Point Shootout has some relatively serious star power with two All-Stars (Irving, George), one should-have-been All-Star (Curry), and one highly paid role scorer (Anderson). So with all of that said, I'm taking three-point hired assassin and former Rocket, Steve Novak, who amazingly has never participated in one of these before. Getting a definite Jason Kapono vibe off of him.

Who will win the NBA Taco Bell Skills Challenge?
Jrue Holiday (East) 3/1
Tony Parker (West) 7/2
Damian Lillard (West) 7/2
Jeremy Lin (West) 4/1
Brandon Knight (East) 11/2
Jeff Teague (East) 11/2

PICK: The last six years we've had six different winners of this one, so that eliminates Parker (last year's winner) from my consideration. I have a feeling this weekend is going to be the coming out party for Portland rookie Damian Lillard, my preseason pick for Rookie of the Year and the runaway winner if the voting occurred this week, so let's go with Lillard here at 7/2.

Quick aside, it's nice that Taco Bell puts its name on one of the All-Star weekend's events. I'm as big a fan of "fourth meal" as the next guy, but having them brand an event with a bunch of svelte, small, quick individuals is a little off to me. I'd rather they just go ahead and sponsor a taco-eating contest among the league's five or six laziest, dope smoking-est players. And having those players actually take about five or six bong hits before the contest would be a necessity. For the record, my field would look like this:

Michael Beasley 1/3
Rasheed Wallace 3/1
Josh Howard 9/2
Lamar Odom 8/1
Bill Walton 15/1 (legend weed enthusiast exemption)

Who will win the NBA Sears Shooting Stars?
Team Harden (James Harden, Tina Thompson, Sam Cassell) 2/1
Team Westbrook (Russell Westbrook, Maya Moore, Robert Horry) 2/1
Team Bosh (Chris Bosh, Swin Cash, Dominique Wilkins) 5/2
Team Lopez (Brook Lopez, Tamika Catchings, Muggsy Bogues) 3/1

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