NBA All-Star Game Features Some of the Best Players Today, Tomorrow, Ever

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James Harden will make his first appearance as an All-Star this weekend.
It's easy to sit around like an old fart and complain about how great All-Star games used to be. In some ways, the old farts are right. There were NBA All-Star games in the '80s and '90s where the number of future Hall of Famers numbered in the mid-teens. No offense to the Jerry Stackhouse, Anthony Davis, Michael Finley and Stephon Marbury-led squads of the early 2000s, but they just don't stack up.

Still, today's NBA is a bit different. Looking at the rosters for both the Eastern and Western Conferences, it is easy to imagine as many as six or seven Hall selections just among the starters. LeBron James, Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant are three of the best from any era, and it's hard to imagine a future where Chris Paul, Kevin Durant and Dwight Howard aren't in the conversation.

But, typically, the NBA likes to spread the wealth and the game features players heading into their twilight, in their prime and on the come.

The "Old" Timers
Bryant and Garnett, both locks for the Hall, will appear in yet another All-Star game -- they have 30 selections between them. They will be joined by a surprising but deserving reserve selection, Tim Duncan, who is in the conversation as the best ever at power forward with guys like Karl Malone and Kevin McHale.

It's weird to think of Bryant as an "old timer" considering he's still in his early 30s, but he entered the NBA directly from high school and has been in the league for 16 years. But Duncan and Garnett certainly qualify and while Duncan is deserving on merit, Garnett is in on the fan vote.

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