Sacramento Kings Fans React to the 2013 Thomas Robinson Heist

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Daryl does it again.
As general managers of any team goes, let alone a team that is three seasons removed from being in the playoffs, Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey is a pretty popular guy. Yes, he's accessible and honest and willing to explain the deals he makes (or doesn't make) in just the right amount of detail.

Soon enough, Morey's non-stop wheeling and dealing (and "non-stop" is not an exaggeration...Chandler Parsons, halfway through his second season in the league, is the most tenured Rocket) will result in postseason success and give people plenty of "basketball reasons" to like him as well.

For now, though, absent that postseason success, there are folks who think Daryl Morey gets a pass from the media and some fans. So when he pulls off another highway robbery like the Thomas Robinson trade with Sacramento on Wednesday night and has praise heaped upon him from all corners of social media, the Morey skeptics blame the praisers of blind faith, if not out and out Morey Myopia.

There is one way to gauge the sanity (or insanity) of Rocket fan reactions to this deal, however.

While it is possible to have two teams benefit from a trade, it's almost impossible to have two teams feel like they flat-out got over on the other team. That was the Thomas Robinson deal. Rocket fans were so giddy over this trade that many were wondering "What the hell is Sacramento thinking??"

So if the vast majority of Rocket fans like a deal, hell love a deal, to the extent that the Rockets just flat-out got over on the other team and made themselves better at the expense of the other party, then in theory fans of said other team should be livid over the deal.

Well, Kings fans are livid over the Thomas Robinson deal.

The anger is coming from all corners of the internet (and presumably talk radio and around every water cooler in the greater Sacramento area). For example, there are the following comments on the Robinson trade thread on (h/t to Twitter follower @JarredMorris for the link to this forum):

What the..........?????????? WHY AND WHY AND WHY?!?!?!? -- theclash4u5

This is so goddamn strange. Doesn't make sense on any level. And I say this as someone who doesn't think Robinson was any sort of a lock to make it in this league. Patterson is better than him right now, but good lord, you should be able to get more than that.MassachusettsKingsFan

also love the fact that we just picked up ANOTHER mediocre PG, and didnt unload any of the ones we already had. cant wait to see a IT/Brooks/Douglas/MT/Reke lineupReke 13 Havoc

We get a TOP 5 pick, get an athletic rebounding power forward WHO HAS SHOWN that he is coachable and WILLING to be a team player and HAS GOTTEN BETTER over his rookie season for a spot up stretch power forward who can't rebound plus ANOTHER back up PG. Wtf is wrong with the front office. Might as well trade next years lottery pick. I'm so pissed right now.DeeKay2o9

Explain to me again why Robinson was chosen over Drummond? Oh yeah the risk. We've been bent over as fans yet again by the Maloofs.JB_Kings

And Lillard... yeah we could have had him as well. Gawd I feel like kicking a Maloof right now.JB_Kings

(Poor JB_Kings. Dude was hurting. Okay, a few more...)

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If DM does not land Dwight Howard in the off season, he needs to rethink his approach.  The Pacers have put together a very good team without a megastar.   They may not make the finals but have a good shot at conference finals.   Any Rockets fan would take that in a heartbeat.  

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