Michael Palmer, West Columbia Police Chief, Accused of Stealing Drugs from Ongoing Cases

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If found, please contact the Brazoria County DA's office.
After being accused of swiping pills from his department's ongoing investigations, West Columbia Police Chief Michael Palmer has been jailed for drug possession and tampering with evidence, a third-degree felony. The chief, currently suspended, was arrested Thursday and placed in Brazoria County Jail. His bond is set at $100,000.

The chief has been the subject of investigation since the beginning of February. According to documents from the Brazoria County district attorney's office, Palmer has been accused of taking pills from evidence collected since at least March 2012.

"The integrity of the criminal justice system is of utmost importance," Brazoria County District Attorney Jeri Yenne wrote in a statement. "The fine men and women employees of the West Columbia Police Department were placed in an unbearable situation. The officers did the right thing and reported this illegal activity."

Michael Palmer on the other side of the bars.
The West Columbia Police Department did not immediately return phone calls asking for comment.

The earliest instance of Palmer's suspicious behavior arose in March 2012, when 33 oxymorphone pills went missing, causing an ongoing case to be dismissed due to evidence discrepancies. A pair of hospice incidents within the last two months also resulted in missing fentanyl patches and methadone pills, some of which were seen in Palmer's vehicle.

After an investigator was enlisted in early February, a video emerged purportedly showing Palmer removing a package from the evidence room and "then several minutes later appear[ing] on camera to go to the dumpster outside and appear[ing] to [rip] up the packaging." After a handful of further pill-related incidents, Palmer allegedly told Detective Sergeant J. Dvorak that he had given certain of the pills to a family member and that the attendant report "needed to reflect that the pills were destroyed."

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DA says evidence found during Palmer drug investigation prompted new search

Former WC chief being investigated for child sexual abuse

Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 2:00 am

By ALAN NIESCHWIETZalan.nieschwietz@thefacts.com | 0 comments

WEST COLUMBIA — Law enforcement officials confirmed Tuesday former West Columbia police chief Michael Palmer is the subject of a child sexual assault and child pornography investigation.

“This is an ongoing investigation,” said District Attorney Jeri Yenne, saying she could not release many details.


I've often wondered when the drug cops take stuff like marijuana from perpetrators and they're supposed to destroy the drugs, do they do it? And what about the drug drop off once a month. You know, where you drop off your outdated prescriptions. I've dropped off old pain medicine, fluid pills, hcg and the like. Whose to say Captain Joe or Captain Joyce isn't picking out what they want and using or selling it for themselves? Dang. Sounds like I can't trust the one group of people I really want to trust.


I live in Denver and if you wanna read about a BEYOND F'D UP SHERIFF, Google 'Ex Sheriff Patrick Sullivan', Arapahoe county Colorado . It will BLOW your mind ! You'll think it's fiction & in reality he was NOT imprisoned !!! He openly threatened to tell EVERYONE'S secrets, and he remains a free man .

A sister pub of Houston's Press in Denver, is called the WestWord . Many intense articles on the 'Ultimate Piece of Shit Cop', Patrick Sullivan !


Points out the stupidity of our drug laws and the legislators who keep supporting them, in spite of evidence that the 'war on drugs' has been a loser in so many senses.

Why did he 'swipe' them? Was he in pain? Did he want to sell them and profit? Either way, it's a human failing on his part, but minor compared to the systemic failure that tempts with huge profit margins and/or delivers something (pain relief or addiction) that ought to be treated in more efficient ways vis a vis policy.


@vonHauptstadt    Cops busting other cops isn't common . It's a story w/i itself . He had to have been warned OR was HATED and targeted . We ALL know police LIE . It's an intricate tool, abused to establish control . In time, ALL cops become convent, habitual liars . Alienated by authority . 

You ever notice how cops hang w/ fellow officers ? Their careers prevent normal socialization . WARN ING : NEVER date a cops ex ! ESPECIALLY if she has custody of the children !

I will be watching how this plays out . I seriously doubt even if convicted, he'll see the inside of a prison cell .

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