Kathryn Murray: Teacher Accused of Student Sex in Trouble Again

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Kathryn Murray bettter get used to being behind bars.
Kathryn Murray, the Memorial Middle School teacher who's been charged with having sex with a 15-year-old student, is in trouble again

KHOU reports that at a hearing today, a judge revoked Murray's bond after the boy she allegedly had sex with was discovered at her home.

The boy had allegedly run away from his own home to be with Murray.

Murray will now stay in jail until her trial on the charges.

Murray's mugshot
The 29-year-old teacher, who has lost her job at the upscale school, is accused of having sex with the boy at least twice in her classroom and once in a hotel.

Court records show that on the night of the hotel incident, they boy's father dropped him off at the school for a dance, but instead the boy headed for Murray's car. She drove to a hotel, they had sex and then she dropped him back off at the school, letting him out about 100 meters away to walk so they wouldn't be seen together.

Court documents indicate that at some point, Murray told another teacher about kissing the student, and that teacher notified authorities.

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Rebecca Ellen
Rebecca Ellen

I just don't get it. She's just a pedo, I guess. Disgusting.


the tiny eyes say it all

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