Jacoby Jones' Revenge Tour 2013 Continues With A Sports Illustrated Cover

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Dagger in the heart of San Francisco and Houston
That little game on Sunday? The Super Bowl? Yeah, well, Jacoby Jones had a nice little evening, finishing with a Super Bowl record 290 all-purpose yards and two of the biggest plays of the game, a 56-yard touchdown catch late in the first half and a 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown (literally the biggest play in Super Bowl history) to open the second half.

In other words, Jones had the complete opposite of the "bounce the ball off your face" game he had in his final game as a Texan. Hell, his kickoff return for a touchdown even forced a Baltimore area furniture store to pick up the tab on $600,000 worth of furniture for customers who'd bought merchandise between January 31 and 3 p.m. on Sunday, thereby transforming Jones into some accidental hybrid of Devin Hester and Robin Hood.

WWE fans will remember a storyline back in 1997 where Bret Hart was a hero in his native Canada and vilified in the United States. Well, Jones' vital role in the Ravens' Super Bowl XLVII win (a performance where he easily could have won the MVP award, by the way) cemented an unprecedented, Hart-ian level of simultaneous love in one city and hate in another. Beloved in Baltimore, hated in Houston, Jacoby Jones.

I mean, seriously, really, DAMN YOU, football gods.

Wait, there's one final salvo.

On Tuesday, Sports Illustrated revealed its cover for this week, its issue recapping Super Bowl XLVII. And who's the cover boy? Why, Jacoby Jones, of course, breaking free from the pack on his historic 108-yard jaunt.

Jacoby Jones, run out of town in Houston for a special teams gaffe, is making a play on special teams to help clinch the Super Bowl for the Baltimore Ravens on the cover of the world's most famous sports magazine.

Yes, the football gods hate you, Houston.

Fuck you, football gods.

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hey bitch – weren't you among those leading the charge to pack Jacoby's bags for him? If I recall correctly, you pretty much blamed last year's playoff loss in Baltimore exclusively on Jacoby. Which was never the case. It was one play, from which we recovered. More of the blame goes to Yates, but you were never willing to admit that because – despite your so-called profession - you are as quick to rush to judgement as virtually every Texans "fan" in our fair city. The guy was a liability as a WR, but he was a dynamic returner. He likely needed a change of scenery to return to form. So be it. I'm glad he's found success. But that's the problem with guys like you. You'll never realize that it's not always about results, but it's really about the process. Doing the right things over and over, eventually produces success. You're the kind of guy who folds his 7-2os pre-flop – rightfully so – and then complains when the flop comes 7-7-x. You don't know well enough to not look back and you don't have the discipline to play the percentages. You should never look back. You never open your mouth until you know what the shot is. You fucking child.

Jim Costello
Jim Costello

I didn't run anybody out of town.. Reliant ran many fans out of tailgating.




Told you that this town is snake bit. Add to that the ruining wild of Trindon Holliday in Denver and we the franchise in Houston looks like a bunch of blundering fools. I wanted Jacoby gone. Now I wonder if it wasn't coaching that he didn't get enough of.


It appears to me Jacoby Jones said fuck you Houston and I am loving it.  Maybe it has something to do with that sorry ass Kubiak and lack of QB play.  Talking about good karma in just a year!

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