Houston: The 352nd-Happiest American City. We Analyze Our Closest Competitors

Categories: Spaced City

1. Tuscaloosa, AL
Visitors: "Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports Commission would like to apologize regarding our site. We have experienced several technical difficulties that are beyond our control. We are working daily & diligently to update the site. Again, we apologize and appreciate your patience with the process."
Comment: Ha! In Houston we know how to fix things!! Just ask the people in charge of the Astrodome. Or the crime lab.

Okay, okay, so we end up tied. Time to get to work on that weather machine. Hey, maybe we can use the Astrodome for it!

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I live in Denver & and am LEGALLY growing BETTER than you have EVER smoked !!!

You know what you can do w/ that list ?

Life & home is how you decide you want to live .

A 'Twiter' survey ??? You are going down a LONG and DANGEROUS path when begin describing why Houston sucks .....

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