Houston: The 352nd-Happiest American City. We Analyze Our Closest Competitors

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3. Elmira, NY
Visitors (for all of The Corning / Elmira Region of Western New York): "Watkins Glen State Park (left) at the foot of Seneca Lake holds one of the must beautiful chasms in this "gorge-eous" terrain."
Comment:Hmmmm: Resorting to wordplay, eh? Well, Houston's air is "smog-tacular"! Point, Houston! We're rolling!

2. Rapid City, SD
Visitors: "Visitors to Downtown Rapid City are greeted by the City of Presidents, a series of life-size bronze statues of our nation's past presidents along the city's streets and sidewalks. Whether you're enjoying Downtown shopping, dining or other attractions, you can enjoy these free sculptures."
Comment: Life-size? Bah! We spit on lifesize!! Obviously Rapid City needs to familiarize itself with the subtle, haunting art of David Adickes' giant presidential faces:
Now dat's class, Rapid City.

Er, well, yes; you have a point. Advantage Rapid City.

On to the tiebreaker!:

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I live in Denver & and am LEGALLY growing BETTER than you have EVER smoked !!!

You know what you can do w/ that list ?

Life & home is how you decide you want to live .

A 'Twiter' survey ??? You are going down a LONG and DANGEROUS path when begin describing why Houston sucks .....

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