Coco Brown: Porn Star Will Blast Into Space, And We Find NASA Mission Names For The Ensuing X-Rated Film

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3. CHIPS: "Cosmic Hot"? Drop the "Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer" verbiage, boys, and you've got Coco Brown nailed, much like she will be in the movie.

The poster will have to be tweaked, of course.
2. Deep Impact: Forget about a probe plowing into comet Tempel 1. Oh, there will be probing -- not to mention plowing -- but the only comet involved will be the stuff cleaning up stains after the kitchen scene.

Somewhat related to SCAT
1. GOES-P: Another walk down a porn alleyway, this one involving what's euphemistically referred to as "water sports." Here's a NSFW page that digs deep into the phenomenon of drinking and spraying urine as part of your sex play. How zero gravity will affect all that is an intriguing question that Coco just might attempt to research.

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$100K seems relatively inexpensive for a ticket to space, considering just a few years ago the cost was in the $10-20MM ballpark to be an astro-tourist.  Something about that number seems off.


@julianbajsel  Dude, fuel costs have fallen, jet propulsion efficiency has increased, and hey she's a celeb with a pack of goofy photogs who have split the costs.

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