Coco Brown: Porn Star Will Blast Into Space, And We Find NASA Mission Names For The Ensuing X-Rated Film

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Coco Brown: Porn in space
Coco Brown, a porn actress we've heard of even though she's the star of such films as Bomb Ass Pussy 2 and Sperma Hotel, is headed for space.

According to media reports which we have a hard time believing, Brown is paying $100,000 to be taken up by private Dutch company Space XC, home for all your porn-astronaut needs.

The Dutch connection makes sense because Coco has specialized in European films the last few years, such as Coco's Saug-Service. (A web translator, by the way, says "saug" is German for "suck, draw into the mouth, suck in.")

She says she won't do porn in space, but how can she resist? She'll need titles for whatever films she produces up there; luckily, NASA has her covered.

NASA's past, present and future missions provide fine fodder for porn titles. Like these eight:

Most photos by NASA

8. LADEE: NASA claims it stands for "Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer," but add an exclamation point and an enticing DVD cover and you've got yourself a porn hit.

7. CINDI: Supposedly "Coupled Ion Neutral Dynamic Investigation," you can't tell us this isn't the perfect stripper/porn name. And yes, we know the girls on the pole are not porn actresses, just single moms working on their master's.

Not convinced CINDI's a porn winner? Look at what NASA's sending out to kids as part of CINDI's "Education and Public Outreach":

Think of the children!!

Not to mention that we have no idea what the phallic object is that's being held by this woman, who most definitely is NOT a porn actress:

It's for massaging my neck, dammit!

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$100K seems relatively inexpensive for a ticket to space, considering just a few years ago the cost was in the $10-20MM ballpark to be an astro-tourist.  Something about that number seems off.


@julianbajsel  Dude, fuel costs have fallen, jet propulsion efficiency has increased, and hey she's a celeb with a pack of goofy photogs who have split the costs.

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