Charetta Kemp: Charges Dropped Against Gun-Toting HISD Tutor

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Keep it in the glove compartment and you're fine
The District Attorney;s office has dropped charges against Charetta Kemp, the HISD tutor arrested February 1 for having a gun on campus.

The gun, a 9 mm Taurus pistol, was in the glove compartment of Kemp's car, and therefore was allowed under Texas law, DA spokesperson Sara Marie Kinney tells Hair Balls.

According to the law, the "premises" of a school does not include the parking lot: "'Premises' means a building or a portion of a building," the law says. "The term does not include any public or private driveway, street, sidewalk or walkway, parking lot, parking garage, or other parking area."

Kemp "resigned in lieu of termination" after her arrest, according to HISD, and apparently she will not be allowed to return to her job.

Asked if she was free to go back to HISD, district spokesman Jason Spencer told Hair Balls, "No, her resignation was accepted and she is not returning to HISD."

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So she lost her job over some BS allegation by some busybody, who along with the cop who arrested her, didn't know the law?


@nguyenhm17 She lost her job for bringing a gun to school. May not be illegal, but definitely against HISD policy.

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