Houston Bike-Sharing Program Sets Date for Expansion to Montrose, Museum District

Houston BCycle is expanding with their chick-magnet bikes.
For the past year, downtown Houstonians have been able to take part in a bike-sharing program called BCycle where they could pick up or drop off bikes at three locations.

Now the program is expanding to Montrose, Midtown, the Museum District and a whole lot more sites downtown.

Will Rub, director of the program and a man who no doubt is schooled in smiling when he hears yet another joke based on his name, tells Hair Balls 16 new locations will open the week of March 25.

"Things have been busy," he said, "but in a very good way."

The program works two ways: Users can pay an annual $50 membership fee and get access anytime during service hours; others can buy passes for 24 hours ($5) or seven days ($15).

The first 90 minutes are free for people who have signed up one of those ways, with a service charge of $2 per hour after that.

About 1,200 users have checked out bikes in the first year of operation.

The map:

bike map022513.jpg

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This is super exciting news. I was just complaining about how much bikes cost and how I need one.

Kylejack topcommenter

$2 per half hour after the 90 minutes. Also, the clock can be restarted by simply checking the bike in and checking it back out. You could ride it all day for $5 if you're diligent about checking it in on the 90 minute deadlines.

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