All-Star Weekend: Five Things That Made Houston Look Bad

3. KTRK hovered over Michael Jordan's private jet.
Michael Jordan was in town celebrating All-Star weekend and his 50th birthday and what did we do to welcome him? Well, we hovered over his plane in a helicopter like he was in a high-speed car chase. I get that guys like Jordan don't visit that often -- that we know of -- but, to quote old timers discussing football end zone celebrations, "Act like you've been there."

2. The crowds at the Toyota Center good.
I know that many of the events during All-Star weekend were downright boring. That damn Saturday night almost had me sleeping. But when noise has to be piped in and the only thing cameras see in seats is number cards left for nonexistent fans to wave around, that's bad. I get that no one really wants to respond to Nick Cannon, but show a little pride.

1. The clusterf**** at the Galleria was an embarrassment.
It's one thing to troll for celebrities. It's another thing to turn the Galleria into a near war zone that required mounted police. I mean, seriously, what were you thinking if you went down there? I'm pretty sure the vast majority of the massive crowd that shut down the Galleria hours before its scheduled closing weren't there to pop into Tiffany or Prada. It was worse than when a new iPhone comes out, and that's saying something.

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It was crazy, but they only closed the Galleria 45 minutes early from what I heard, not hours.


Per comment number 4......

I was at Rich's Saturday night and the party was classy, star-studded and epic!!

Maybe the reason why so many people couldn't get in was because the club was packed to rafters with people partying with Beyonce, Jay-Z, Chris Paul, Ludacris, Funkmaster Flex, LeBron James, Queen Latifah, Adrian Peterson. Dwayne Wade, Neo and Waka Flocka.

Hmmmmm.........maybe this writer was upset that he couldn't get in!

Greta Kirkland
Greta Kirkland

The Galleria thing is just crazy. Seriously, folks?

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