All-Star Weekend: Five Things That Made Houston Look Bad

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Sometimes, when you want things to go just right, you make mistakes. You try so hard to get it right, you end up screwing it up. Fortunately, Houston did not make an utter disaster of All-Star weekend here, but we had our share of hiccups. And some of them were pretty damn embarrassing.

The good news is that the streets aren't littered with the burnt-out hulls of overturned cars and the bodies of those who got in the way. The bad news is that Neiman Marcus may never be the same again...assuming that's a bad thing.

Herewith are five things Houston got wrong this past weekend.

5. The traffic around downtown was horrible.
The great thing about downtown Houston is that there are dozens of ways to get in and out of the area. Apparently, no one in Houston knows this fact and everyone proceeded down a handful of streets and freeways trying to get to the Toyota Center and George R. Brown Convention Center. I heard that there were limo drivers brought in from out of town who didn't know how to find even 59 and Kirby without GPS. They should have told me. I'd have gladly driven Diddy around.

4. Whatever was happening at Rich's on Saturday night, it wasn't good.
Jay-Z and Beyoncé hosted a party at Rich's on Saturday night -- I was outside (don't ask) -- and let's just say it wasn't the best of what this city has to offer. First, Rich's is not exactly the first place you think of when you think of classy establishments -- ask the guys at the methadone clinic about two blocks away -- but it was overrun with people who paid too much for general admission and couldn't get in. The worst moment for me came when a clearly drunk woman picked herself up off the sidewalk, leapt into her sports car and headed down gridlocked Fannin. God help us.

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It was crazy, but they only closed the Galleria 45 minutes early from what I heard, not hours.


Per comment number 4......

I was at Rich's Saturday night and the party was classy, star-studded and epic!!

Maybe the reason why so many people couldn't get in was because the club was packed to rafters with people partying with Beyonce, Jay-Z, Chris Paul, Ludacris, Funkmaster Flex, LeBron James, Queen Latifah, Adrian Peterson. Dwayne Wade, Neo and Waka Flocka.

Hmmmmm.........maybe this writer was upset that he couldn't get in!

Greta Kirkland
Greta Kirkland

The Galleria thing is just crazy. Seriously, folks?

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