Twitter for Video App Vine Loaded Down with Porn Videos in First Week of Launch

Twitter finally released its much-anticipated video companion app, Vine, last week. The video sharing network allows users to post very short video clips and share them with other users both on their own network and on Twitter. Like Twitter, hashtags help define videos and make them more easily searchable.

Only one hitch: Since their launch, they have been flooded with porn, some of the homemade variety and some more professional stock.

It would be funny if it weren't so predictable. Porn is one of the dominant sources of bandwidth usage on the Internet and has been for a long time. People like to watch other people doing it and any chance they have to add to the vast array of possible options online, they will take it, particularly people in the business of selling porn.

But this only further underscores the arbitrary nature of apps and the App Store from Apple. Just last week, Apple pulled the 500px app from its store because it claimed the app didn't make it difficult enough to search for naked photos. Yet a simple hashtag search on Vine and you get all the six-second porn you want in video form.

The furor over Vine ramped up after a porn video was "accidentally" (according to Vine) added to the editor's picks section. Of course, Vine's downloads probably skyrocketed thereafter.

What is unfortunate is that there are a lot of very creative videos being added to Vine. The argument against Twitter and other forms of social media is that much of the content is stupid. That is of course true, just as it is true of virtually every daily conversation overheard pretty much anywhere. Meaningful content, be it in person or online, is often in short supply. After all, there are great works of art and then there's Justin Bieber.

But the lack of overwhelmingly good content is certainly not the fault of Twitter, Vine or any other social network. We are the ones doing the typing and shooting. And a service like Vine that limits video the way Twitter limits characters not only makes for a rather forced creative medium, it appeals to our society's short attention spans...assuming they can avoid all the damn porn.

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