Crystal Ball: Looking Ahead to 2013 Houston Sports, Texans/Rockets Edition

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2013 could be a Big year in Houston sports (see what I did there?).
It's always an adventure when it comes to being a sports fan in Houston. Fortunes change quickly and the sensitive sports psyche of the city is so damn fragile, our confidence having been shattered so often in the past. Even when we want to swagger into a new year or a new season, it feels uncomfortable, like an ill-fitting Halloween costume that we didn't really want to wear in the first place.

The Texans are going into the playoffs this weekend, but their road went from first round bye and home field advantage thereafter to a wild card home game followed by a probable run through New England and Denver. And people wonder why Houston fans are so cynical.

The good news is that there is always the promise of another year, another season. There's always room for hope, unless you like the Astros. In that case, even I can't help you. Here's a look ahead to 2013 sports in Houston for the Texans and Rockets. Look for the Astros, Dynamo and local colleges on Thursday.

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TEXANS Yea!!!!

Well Houston fans have been let down again. Kubiak was great as a team builder; Shaub is as good as he's ever gonna get. Both are perfect examples of the "Peter Principal" in action. Neither have that extra something to make it to the next level. I wish you guys well in your next endeavor.

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