Texans-Patriots, The Rematch: Top 5 Ways for This Outcome to Be Different

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3. Better run blocking

For the defense to get that done, they need help from the offense -- particularly in the form of long drives that allow defenders time to rest. It starts up front. Foster rushed 15 times for just 46 yards in the first matchup, and 15 of those yards came on the very first play. After that, 14 carries for just 31 yards.

The biggest culprit was the right side of the Houston line. Rookie guard Ben Jones proved no match for mammoth New England tackle Vince Wilfork, and right tackle Ryan Harris wasn't much better outside. This week, Harris will be replaced by Derek Newton, the usual starter who missed the first game with a knee injury. Newton played one of his finer games of the year against Cincinnati, and repeating that performance would go a long way toward helping Foster sustain his playoff form. At guard, the Texans have given an increasing workload over the past month to Brandon Brooks, a massive 6-foot-5, 340-pound rookie who has the size to compete with Wilfork. It definitely seems like Gary Kubiak has been planning for a Wilfork rematch, one that could see Brooks with the majority of snaps at right guard.

If the Texans win Sunday, it'll likely be because the defense forced more stops than in the first meeting and because Schaub made big plays in the passing game. A respectable effort on the ground is crucial to both of those objectives.

2.) Winning the battle of turnovers and mistakes

The case could easily be made that the earlier Texans-Patriots game was decided on three plays. Two were New England fumbles inside the 10-yard line, and the other was a dangerous pass Schaub threw at the goal line. The Texans couldn't recover either fumble, and the Patriots scored touchdowns on both series. Meanwhile, Devin McCourty successfully took advantage of Schaub's misread and corralled the interception, keeping Houston off the board. In a sense, 21 points were up for grabs on those three plays, and the Patriots took every one of them. The Houston defense went 0-for-2 on their opportunities, while the New England unit was 1-of-1 on theirs.

That needs to change on Sunday. In the Jets-Patriots analogy, perhaps the biggest play of the game came on New England's first drive. The Jets opened up with a punt, and the Patriots marched with ease from their own 16 to the New York 28, carrying a distinct "here we go again" vibe. But Jets linebacker David Harris sniffed out an attempted screen play, intercepted Brady and returned it 58 yards. It was the only turnover of the game for either side, and it completely swung momentum. If the Texans have a similar opportunity, they simply must execute.

1.) Aggressive Schaub needed

A very good outing for the Houston defense would involve holding the Patriots to the 20s in points. That's how outstanding Brady's offense is. To counter that, it can't be exclusively the ground-and-pound Texans that bruised their way past the Bengals. Schaub will have to make big plays in the passing game and allow the Texans to score touchdowns rather than field goals.

The biggest key is his confidence. In the Cincinnati matchup, Schaub threw the ball beyond 10 yards in the air a mere three times, and never once beyond 20 yards. He consistently checked down to backs and tight ends (of 29 completions, 21 went to those positions) and wasn't able to make big gains downfield. On one checkdown in the first half, Cincinnati corner Leon Hall anticipated Schaub's out to James Casey and intercepted it, bringing it back 21 yards for a touchdown. Schaub also missed an open Johnson in the end zone when he fired off his back foot, rather than stepping into the throw. On the whole, that's 11 points Schaub directly cost his team. That can't happen in Foxboro.

There were, however, positive signs late last week. Schaub went 10-of-12 in the second half, including multiple clutch throws on third down -- one of which effectively ended the game. His quarterback rating improved from near 70 in the first half to almost 100 in the second. There's also the fact that historically, Schaub isn't a checkdown guy. He's usually in the top 10 for NFL quarterbacks in yards per attempt and completions. It's not unfathomable for Schaub to turn things around and make the big plays to win this game.

That said, there are simply too many things that have to go right to win a meaningful game in New England -- a place where fluky bounces, bad calls and seemingly unforced errors (like those in the first meeting) seem almost routine. The Texans would be the pick in Houston, but they frittered that opportunity away with their regular-season-ending meltdown against Minnesota and Indianapolis. This is where they pay the price. The Texans are likely to put up a respectable effort, but it's tough (though not impossible) to see them ahead after 60 minutes.

Prediction: New England 30, Houston 24

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Winning the turnover battle is going to be huge in this game.I’ll be looking for Watt to help cause some turnovers for the Texans, and I can’t wait to see if they pull off the upset tomorrow.I have to work my shift at DISH during the game though, so I’m going record it on my DISH Hopper.I have recorded every Texans game this season and love that my DVR can record and store up to 2,000 hours of entertainment, so I never have to delete my games.


 two points on Schaub:

1) last week vs. Cinci, he took what the defense gave him, by design, and it worked. Anyone who studied Cinci's D prior to that game knew that their biggest weakness in the passing game was mid-range and crossing routes near the linebacker level – i.e. using our tight ends. The case may be different v. Patriots, BUT if ball and clock control are among the goals, which they should be, then unnecessarily forcing the ball down field may not be ideal too often. So you call what he did last week "check downs," which were more often than not the right choices, by design.

2) the pass to Andre in the front corner of the end zone was clearly not perfect, BUT when a supposed hall-of-fame WR gets his hands on than ball – which he did – with no defender on his back, he has to catch it. So while it's en vogue to pile on Schaub, for my money, at least 75% of that missed catch is on #80.

Jim Costello
Jim Costello

Regardless of 5 strategies or 75 strategies... I just hope they get the job done! Pats fans are assholes.

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