Drive-Through Robbery: Southwest Houston Chase Bank Robber Used the Convenient Drive-Through for His Cash Grab

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Chase Bank
I guess bank drive-throughs aren't any different from fast-food drive-throughs.

On Monday, a robber placed an order for free money at the Chase Bank located at 14651 Alief Clodine Road. To ensure that there was no mix-up in his order, he handed a threatening note to the teller, with which the teller complied.

The robber then left the bank, happy that he got exactly what he ordered but just a little bit peeved that they didn't offer him any napkins.

There were no weapons observed, and it's unknown whether the robber was carrying any. No one was harmed during the process. The man was described as being either white or Hispanic, wearing a dark-colored sweatshirt. If anyone has any details concerning this crime, they are advised to call 713-222-TIPS.

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Had this bank teller been armed, she might have fired through the glass and stopped this outrage. Please let us consider the protection of property---it's vital that bank employees be armed, if not with small assault weapons then at least with a potent sidearm.

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