Sammy Sosa's Pinterest Account Shows Sosa's Maniacal Interest In Sammy Sosa

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SOSA 01.jpg
Caption: Sammy Sosa. Yes, I'm the real Sammy Sosa, and this is my Pinterest. (Actually, this is his caption for EVERY picture.)
Favorite user comment: Matt Haran do you see this stain on my pants here
Possible Sosa interests depicted: Sofas, abstract art, awkward hand gestures, Sammy Sosa

SOSA 02.jpg
Favorite user comment: James Young Now that I have a picture of Sammy posing next to a teleconference unit, I really don't know what more to ask for out of life. Thanks big guy!
Possible Sosa interests depicted: Teleconference phone units, pictures with former and current U.S. Presidents, pocket pinball, awkward hand gestures, Sammy Sosa

SOSA 03.jpg
Favorite user comment: Matt Haran sammy and barock, they text a lot. throwin up da deuce
Possible Sosa interests depicted: Awkward hand gestures, Barack Obama, pictures of himself making awkward hand gestures with Barack Obama, Sammy Sosa

SOSA 04.jpg
Favorite user comment: Gino Click "Now, watch me cut this monitor in two with my fingers."
Possible Sosa interests depicted: Computers, Internet surfing, electronics, desks, awkward hand gestures, Sammy Sosa

SOSA 05.jpg
Favorite user comment: Nicholas Vlies Rock...I win!
Possible Sosa interests depicted: Sofas, yellow sweaters, slicked-back hair, sitting down, awkward hand gestures, Sammy Sosa

SOSA 06.jpg
Favorite user comment: Jason Berglund Um. Sammy- check your tie situation out BEFORE you leave the house.
Possible Sosa interests depicted: Desks, pocket pinball, short ties, picture frames, serious facial expressions, Sammy Sosa

SOSA 07.jpg
Favorite user comment: M McCartt are we sure this isn't a fake plastic sammy sosa?
Possible Sosa interests depicted: Sofas, awkward poses, wax museums, Sammy Sosa

SOSA 08.jpg
Favorite user comment: William McKinley No you're a PIMP!! No you are!!
Possible Sosa interests depicted: Hipster love seats, awkward pointing, Eddie Munster's hair, Sammy Sosa

SOSA 09.jpg
Favorite user comment: Carlos Torres Sorry Sammy. You're a CLOWN
Possible Sosa interests depicted: Texting, sexting, Angry Birds, armchairs, Sammy Sosa

SOSA 10.jpg
Favorite user comment: Michael Law And if you could just remember to put those new cover sheets on your TPS reports that would be great....
Possible Sosa interests depicted: Desks, awkward bending of fingers, posters of Sammy Sosa, Sammy Sosa

So there you have it. Sammy Sosa's Pinterest account, now with a billion percent more Sammy Sosa! I will close with two summarizing thoughts:

1. As best I can tell, Sammy Sosa's main interest is Sammy Sosa, preferably making an awkward hand gesture while leaning or sitting on some piece of contemporary furniture.

2. I can't wait until Manny Ramirez gets on Pinterest.

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but does he follow the pinterest accounts about steroids such as dianabol and many others ?

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