[PHOTO] The Day After: Wondering If the Guy with the Texans-Themed Truck Has Regrets

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Photo by Abrahán Garza
Boy oh boy oh boy, Sunday was a tough day for football fans in Houston. The Texans got crushed once again by the New England Patriots in Foxboro, this time ending their season on a decidedly down note. Our own Abrahán Garza happened to spy this Texans-themed truck with the "SKOOL" license plate parked downtown a few weeks ago and snapped a photo. According to the valet outside the House of Blues, there didn't appear to be any affiliation with a radio station or commercial entity, so we can only assume this is a real fan.

We wonder if he has any regrets. Hopefully not.

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This is my truck and I have no regrets for a good team in a good city.  Texan for life!

Ol' Skool. 


Saw him when I was tailgating at the game against the Colts Dec 15th.  I was admiring the truck when he stepped out of the drivers seat with a full on Texans uniform, gloves, thigh pads and helmet!!!  He was a really nice guy and I had my picture taken with him.  The name on his jersey read "Old Skool."  I don't think he has any regrets, he is a true fan!!!!


Why would he?  It's not like he had Matt Schaub's face plastered on there.

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