Monster Jam Invades Reliant Stadium This Weekend and Next

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Photos By Craig Hlavaty
As the Houston Texans buckle down for this weekend's do-or-die against the New England Patriots, just steps away, 3,500 yards of dirt are being fashioned into a monster truck course for the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam on the floor of Reliant Stadium.

Monster Jam brings dozens of car-crushing trucks and thousands of fans into the House that Bob McNair Built each year. Last weekend's event was pushed back one week due to the Texans having to play the Cincinnati Bengals in postseason action.

This morning, Maximum Destruction and driver Kreg Christensen was up early doing press in advance of the show along with an assistant. His rig has a $200K price tag, and it's doubtful you could get an insurance company to insure you. The tires only hold about 20 pounds of pressure. My guess of 80 pounds was way off.

Max D's current incarnation has been touring the circuit since the 2011 season, but Christensen has been driving since 1992, starting out as a mud racer.

The infield's dirt was brought in on Tuesday as the last vestiges of the Texans turf was pulled up. Since then, smashed-up cars of all sizes have been situated around dirt piles to make obstacles for Gravedigger, the Ice Cream Man and Max D to play around on.

Monster Jam was supposed to go down last weekend, but the Texans-Bengals game pushed the schedule back a week. Since the Texans won't be back in town now, the trucks have free rein.

Texans fans will know that tunnel. It's where the team bursts out before home games.

These cars will get the pummeling of their lives this weekend.

Max D in repose.

A team of earth movers lies in wait. How much does 3,500 yards of dirt weigh? Check out the math here.

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