Kester Havard Is Mad As Hell: Armed, Demands of Sheriff's Office, "Do Your Fucking Job"

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Courtesy Angelina County Jail
Kester Havard, pissed.
Sometimes, you just can't take it anymore. Whether you are the guy in Network or Michael Douglas's character in Falling Down, there's a point where every man reaches his breaking point. It's at that time that he must take matters into his own hands, even if that includes taking a loaded gun, a video camera and a couple pocket knives into a sheriff's office and demanding justice.

That's exactly what Kester Havard, 50, of Lufkin did on Sunday, according to a report. Havard came into a Lufkin sheriff's office lobby with a loaded .45 yelling at dispatchers sitting behind bulletproof doors. People in the lobby fled into the parking lot.

According to the report, Havard was seriously pissed that the sheriff hadn't done something about a woman "he was tired of dealing with."

The report didn't mention what this woman had done to inspire the ire of Havard, but it must have been pretty spectacular.

Havard was arrested by officers on the scene and was charged with terroristic threat against the federal government or against the state. No word on if he is being shipped to Gitmo or if they managed to figure out what got him so hot and bothered, but he is currently being held in the Angelina County jail.

One thing is for sure, no one should piss off Kester Havard or he will release the Kraken in the form of a pistol-wielding, profanity-laced tirade in the offices of local law enforcement.

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Lufkin... I'll bet meth was involved in some way.  


@NewsDog I"m glad Houston and surrounding areas have been able to eradicate illegal drug use and mental illness. Utopia!

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