Houston YouTube History: Commercials

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For this first edition Houston YouTube history, we look at Houston's television commercial history, a world filled with mufflers, savings-crazed furniture magnates, dearly departed theme parks, professional ballplayers, and food, tons of food. Everywhere. Food.


Time-Trippin': Great Houston Radio TV Ads From Yesterday

A few weeks ago I found a plethora of great commercials for Houston radio stations, and along the way, all of these gems you are about to see filtered out.

Yes, that is Mattress Mac dressed up like an Easter bunny. I wanna see that version of Donnie Darko.

Yes, that SplashTown ad is really into teen butts. At least I assume those are teen butts.

Where was I when Hanna-Barbera Land was in The Woodlands, where SplashTown is now? Oh, I was two, and not having as much fun as the kids in that commercial.

And if you haven't had the Thunderbolt jingle in your head in decades, well, I am sorry, but I just ruined your weekend. Yee-haw!

Sports Wing

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Casey Quillen
Casey Quillen

Used to love his commercials, now he' s all preachy and shit.

Jimi Austin
Jimi Austin

The old commercials for Soundwaves were cheesy fun too. "We're flat busted".

Tom Kennedy
Tom Kennedy

How about the Mr. Norman commercial in Spanish that played during the old Houston Wrestling?

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Hanna Barberra land is in Spring, exactly where splashtown is now.  Was a VERY weird theme park, and while not 2 I was maybe 6 or 7 when I went. One of the best ball pools I've ever seen.. :)

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