Six Examples of How James Harden Follows in the Tradition of Great Rockets Hair

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Robert Horry (92-96)
The curse of trading Mokeski wore off when the Rockets drafted Robert Horry in 1992. He came into the league with a fade, which automatically signaled success. One can point to Hakeem Olajuwon's dominance in '94 as what led the Rockets to their first championship. Or you can look to Horry's fade. Aside from the '90 Pistons, what do the rest of the NBA Champions in the '90s have in common? A fade. Scottie Pippen, David Robinson and Robert Horry wore them proudly and were champions.

Moochie Norris (99-03, 05-06)
The early 2000s saw a rejuvenation of the once-popular afro. Ben Wallace's was obviously the most popular of the era, but Moochie Norris was a cult favorite. Norris and his afro became instant fan favorites. But his afro was much more than just a novelty; it was his source of power. He saw his most consistent minutes with the Rockets until he hacked off the 'fro and it went downhill from there. The Rockets sent him to the New York Knicks (in one of Isiah Thomas's first moves during his hilarious tenure as general manager of the Knicks), which would lead him to bouncing around the NBA and overseas. Well, at least he got a bobblehead and a rubber ducky made in his likeness!

Luis Scola (07-12)
The other day, I was speaking to a friend of mine and I uttered the name Luis Scola, which immediately changed her mood from glee to sadness. Scola was a fan favorite with his sweet mid-range J, the ability to grab rebounds with only a 2-inch vertical, the scruffy beard and glossy hair. Scola's popularity even led Toyota Center to give out Scola wigs to fans who showed up early. Hell, I liked Scola so much that I even dressed up like him in high school with those very wigs. Unfortunately, he was a casualty in Morey's pursuit of Dwight Howard. Now fans are getting fake Harden beards to replace the Scola wigs.

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FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Dressed up in a Scola wig in high school?  So you're 19, then?

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

@jeffbalke I'M too young to know about those guys.  Extremely obscure references, as well.  If you're going to spoon-feed the kid, at least be up front and open about it.

jeffbalke topcommenter

@FattyFatBastard @jeffbalke So, he's too young to know about these guys, that's what you are saying? Fair enough. Then I assume you will NEVER again comment about anything or anyone that was before your time. Deal?

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