D'AHHHHH: Largest Donation of Pet Food in Houston History Set for Today

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The husband-and-wife team behind local pet store chain Natural Pawz are set to donate 100,000 pounds of pet food to the Houston Humane Society today at their new Almeda Road location.

Biff Picone and his wife, Nadine Jolie-Coeur, collected the lion's share of the food from vendors they work with, including about 42,000 pounds from a company in Amarillo. Twenty-five thousand pounds went to BARC in November. Shelter animals need to be fed, too.

Picone noted in a press release that during the holidays, pets easily get overlooked when it comes to food and charity drives. Animal shelters and the elderly are the most in need of quality pet food, with some elderly folks sharing their human table food with their four-legged roommates.

Which I am sure the dogs and cats hated so very, very much. I can't even take a few cold pills in my own kitchen without my dog begging me for his own DayQuil tablets. Given the choice, most dogs would rip out your throat for a cold chicken nugget.

Quality pet food is a big deal, or at least it should be for pet owners. I mean, have you ever seen what is in bad dog food?

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Wendy Lemke
Wendy Lemke

That is great :) Brazoria County Humane Society in Manvel is in great need of help also. They recently lost their biggest sponser & are very low on supplies. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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