Classic Downtown Macy's Shutting Its Doors

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Photo by Jeff Balke
Shot from the roof of the iconic store's parking garage.
According to a report from the Houston Chronicle, the store those of us who grew up in Houston knew as Foley's downtown since it opened in 1947 will be shutting its doors as part of a move by Macy's to close underperforming stores. It will begin a clearance sale on January 7 that will run for about two months.

The store, which sits along Main Street in an area that was envisioned as a shopping district along the light rail but has struggled to attract consistent business, is the largest in downtown. Recently, a Magic Johnson retail group purchased the Houston Pavilions and hopes to revitalize the project.

Mayor Annise Parker released a statement concerning the closure:

I am charging a small group of experienced marketing and real estate professionals with aggressively seeking all options to increase the amount of retail and supporting parking in downtown. With two hotels, multiple residential projects, new ownership of the Houston Pavilions, expanded light rail and other key projects on the horizon, downtown is booming, and retail is critical in making it a desirable mixed-use activity center. As the fourth-largest city in the U.S., Houston needs, and should have, more retail options downtown.

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I worked at Downtown Foleys part time while attending U of H Downtown.  I loved that place!  I met some incredible people and perfected my sales skills.  This is where the first Red Apple Sale concept was born.  It was also where, when I was little, my mom would take my siblings and I downtown to look at the Christmas decorations and the display windows donned in animated characters.  Lots of history there, lots of memories too...


Downtown Macy’s is where only the swankiest pigeons in Houston live.
Not only do they have to be rich and famous to live there, but dexterous
as well (to avoid all those upward-pointing needles above the doors,
that are supposed to “deter” them). The outside fascia and sidewalks
are so encrusted with petrified pigeon-poop, that it will take double
the explosives to demo that building and make way for a newer edifice!

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