Charlie Shelton Girsh, Jr.: Wields a Long-Range Rifle, Plays Hide-and-Seek in a Montgomery County Forest

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Courtesy of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
Charlie Shelton Girsh Jr.
On Monday around 3 p.m., a white male was seen walking on State Highway 242 in Montgomery County near the railroad tracks. From a distance, motorists may have looked upon the lonely wanderer with pity.

Upon closer examination, the bearded man seemed to be dressed appropriately for the winter chill. A hat and jacket kept his body nice and warm. Good for him.

But what about the man's spirit? What type of soul food supplied the man with the will to live through this cold January day? A camouflage jacket, complete with a reflector, and a big-ass gun. Not so good for anyone within, say, 500 yards of the guy.

"He was walking down the road with a rifle," Lieutenant Dan Norris of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office tells Hair Balls. "A deputy pulls up and says 'Stop.' He won't stop. Then he runs into the woods."

Charlie Shelton Girsh Jr. dashed into the woods, squatted behind a pine tree and clinched his long-range rifle.

"All units, take cover! [Inaudible] in the woods with a rifle!," shouted an officer on the scene. "He's refusing to put the weapon down!" (The dispatch can be heard in the video, which was made by Scott J. Engle of

K-9 units and additional deputies surrounded the area, but weren't able to locate Girsh in the mysterious forest.

Eventually, nearly an hour later, Girsh returned to civilization. He was arrested for evading arrest and for criminal trespass with a deadly weapon.

"He was [in the jail] this morning," says Norris, "but I haven't gone to check on him this afternoon."

Which means there's a chance that he has sprinted into a cutting yet fresh wind, dashed over broken twigs, dodged stately trees, all while waving "hi!" to the squirrels, and back behind his secret place to become the winner of the ultimate game of hide-and-go-seek.

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And who is the dumb ass who wrote this story This man has worked his whole life until he became disabled while working on a job. He has a wonderful family He did nothing wrong and dumb asses like you make me sick. You want the true story about mr Girsh you come talk to me instead of making up shit


To the asshole who said he was poaching fuck you. He was hunting hogs that is not against the law and there is no way he was running cause he is not physically able to run with all the hip replacements he has had so get the facts you fucker


This man was walking down the railroad tracks, away from pretty much anyone or anything except an access road, looking for wild hogs that are a menace to everything residential.  The deputies pulled up and fired a "warning shot" before anything else.  Probably not smart for him to run, but certainly understandable considering how inept this police force is.  These are the same guys who (late last year) closed down 242 and had a SWAT standoff for 5 hours with an empty gas station.  


This is what I expect USA1 to look like. After work of course.

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