Audrina Cardenas: Miracle Baby With Heart Born Outside Her Body Leaves the Hospital (with Photos)

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Photos by by Paul Vincent Kuntz
Ashley Cardenas leaves the hospital with her daughter, Audrina.
Back on Thanksgiving Day, I said you should count your blessings if for no other reason than because of the story of little Audrina Cardenas, a baby born with a rare birth defect, her heart was literally formed outside her chest. A team of doctors at Texas Children's Hospital raced to save her life and this week, she went home with her parents.

I sometimes think we live in a cold, cynical world, but if these pictures don't melt your heart at least a little, you might need to check with Audrina's cardiologist to see if it is still beating.

Audrina, Ashley (mom) and Dr. Charles Fraser, surgeon-in-chief at Texas Children's Hospital

Look at that face!


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