Arian Foster Changes Profile Pic on Twitter to Piece of Scathing Boston Globe Column

Categories: Sports

In case you hadn't seen the column by Dan Shaughnessy in Sunday's Boston Globe ripping the Houston Texans -- our own Sean Pendergast wrote about it this morning -- you can get a glimpse of at least a couple paragraphs of it in an interesting place: Arian Foster's Twitter feed.

The Texans Pro Bowl running back changed his Twitter profile photo into a snapshot of a particularly nasty section of Shaughnessy's rant about how the "fraudulent" Texans present an easy route to the AFC Championship Game for the Patriots. Foster, who has not mentioned it in any of his tweets thus far, clearly took notice and I can't imagine the Patriots organization is thrilled with the chalkboard material Shaughnessy just handed the Texans.

It certainly is far from a guarantee the Texans will win and it will take a lot more than motivation from a sports columnist to make that happen, but it sure won't hurt.

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