VIDEO: Ben Milam Hotel Building Goes Boom

Categories: Surreal Estate

Photo by Abrahán Garza
With the booming blasts that sounded off like a 21-gun salute, spectators gathered as Houston said goodbye to the Ben Milam Hotel on Sunday, December 9, 2012. The 80-year-old building that stood across from Union Station had been closed since the 1970s, and was imploded to make room for a 380-unit apartment complex covering the area where the Ben Milam Hotel was built in 1926.

Photo by Abrahán Garza
The Milam Building as it once stood.

Check out our slideshow of the blast, and after the jump, a video of the moment of implosion.

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Linda Mula
Linda Mula

oh1 i saw some bldg. imploded by spagetti warehouse. just happened to be getting in car, and boom, and huge dust cloud racing toward us. didnt know what was going on till it was over.

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