Ten Gifts for the Houston Sports Fan They Are Bound to Love

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5. Comcast Subscription

Your chances of seeing the Rockets or Astros on U-verse, DirecTV or Dish Network grow slimmer by the day. Be a pal and get your sports fan an additional cable subscription to Comcast.

4. Skeeters Season Tickets

It's a bit of a drive if you don't live in Sugar Land, but the Skeeters have a first-class facility and the games are a ton of fun. Plus, at just $600 to start for 70 games, the price can't be beat.

3. Colt .45s Throwback Jersey

Yes, the Astros went back to the old-style jerseys and color schemes for 2013, but nothing beats the pistol gear of the old Colt .45s.

2. Hoops Basketball Goal

You've probably heard the ads on sports radio, but these are the real deal. They are pricey -- starting at around $700 -- but they are the best basketball goals anywhere and when your old, out-of-shape husband and his beer-drinking buddies are dunking on a goal attached to your roof, it better be as sturdy as possible.

1. Robertson Stadium Seats

Seriously, who wouldn't want to keep a piece of UH history for themselves? Are they practical? Of course not. But they sure are freaking cool. Better hurry, though. The auctions end on Friday.

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