Sex Assault and Child Porn Charges Facing Taylor McClain, Atascocita High School Tennis Coach

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According to an arrest affidavit, it all started with a trip to the Phobia Haunted House on the Northwest Freeway on the night of November 6.

Sixteen-year-old "Julie" was in the backseat of Atascocita High School English teacher and assistant tennis coach Taylor McClain's car and 15-year-old "Heather" was in the passenger seat, with McClain driving. The two front-seat riders were enjoying Smirnoff Ice beverages, and according to the complaint, Julie noticed that Heather set her drink down and performed oral sex on the 43-year-old McClain.

The trio then arrived at the haunted house. While there, McClain allegedly propositioned Julie via text. According to the complaint, "The text asked [Julie] if she wanted to join in on a sexual threesome with [McClain] and [Heather]." Julie reportedly texted back "No" in response.

Which likely made for an even more awkward trip back to the subdivision where the girls lived.

Once again, McClain and Heather were in the front, and Julie in the back. McClain stopped the car at the gates of their neighborhood, and asked Julie to take the wheel while he and Heather climbed in the backseat. Julie did so, and police say she "heard sounds of [McClain] and [Heather] having sex in the backseat."

Julie allegedly told the coach and her schoolmate that she did not want to see them having sex, and McClain reportedly responded by asking her if she needed him to adjust the steering wheel so she could drive more effectively. Julie reportedly told McClain "that it would be awkward because his pants were off."

And then they arrived at Julie's house and she got out and went inside. A little later, Heather reportedly sent Julie a text-exchange between her and the coach that touched on Julie's refusal to join a threesome.

"That was disappointing," one of McClain's texts allegedly read.

"I know she doesn't know what she's missing," allegedly read Heather's reply. "You really know how to please a woman."

Julie has also claimed that she had witnessed Heather sending nude photos of herself to McClain via cellphone and e-mail, beginning in September and continuing through November of this year. Julie further claimed that McClain had returned the favor by sending Heather pics of himself in nothing but his underwear.

Humble ISD cops seized the phone in November and found the images. McClain was formally charged yesterday and now faces two counts of possession of child pornography and a single count of sexual assault of child between 14 and 17 years of age.

Below, McClain relates "the significance of following one's passion and true love in life."

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John, first you say Julie was in t he back seat. Then you say "Once again, McClain and Julie were in the front, and Heather in the back."  It looks like you got Julie and Heather mixed up.  Who was where and with whom?

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