Old Photos Mashed with Modern Houston, Volume 5: Baytown

Categories: Houston 101

All photos by Abrahán Garza
Welcome to the fifth installment of vintage photos mashed with its present-day locations. This time we leave our comfortable city of Houston, cross the Fred Hartman Bridge and venture into Baytown, Texas. Baytown was originally three separate towns: Goose Creek, Pelly and East Baytown. The three towns were consolidated in 1947 and officially became the city of Baytown on January 24, 1948. Three little towns equals a lot of worshiping. Many of the structures still stand today and all of the churches are still in operation, several of them just blocks from each other.

1. First Christian Church
201 N. Forrest Street. Shown here in 1952, it's still operating since it opened with the same name.

2. Westminster Presbyterian Church
7600 Bayway Drive. Shown here in 1968. Currently the Fountain of Faith Fellowship Church.

3. First Presbyterian Church
1715 Market Street. Shown here in 1968. The church was completed in 1948 and was dedicated January 2, 1949.

4. Trinity Episcopal Church
2701 W. Main. Erected in 1935. An additional building has been added since 1935 and is currently God With Us Church.

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