Oh, the Weather Outside Is...Muggy? Welcome to Houston

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Warm Christmas can rock!
Every year Twitter, Facebook, message boards and "real life" are littered with comments from Houstonians about how it sucks that we aren't living in a fairytale book of Christmas snowy magic. Whenever the temperature eclipses 75 degrees, which it often does in December, no one is in the Christmas spirit anymore. Boo hoo and bah humbug. I still managed to put up my Christmas decorations with plenty of requisite joy, but maybe that was the eggnog.

Having said that, it's been damn warm around here the past seek. We set record highs both Saturday (83) and Sunday (84). Whatever the case, this is one of those times that whining about the heat before the holidays is completely justified. Unfortunately, we'll be stuck with warm, humid, possibly drizzly weather for much of this week before we can look forward to sweater weather once again.

Monday and Tuesday will continue with the mugginess and even some rain before a VERY moderate cool front moves through the area. That should get us back down into the 70s before we warm back up into the 80s by the end of the week and into the weekend.

The truth is that most of the world does not live in the Dickensian wonderland we in America have all come to associate with the holidays. It's summer for the entire southern half of the planet and unless you live well north of the Mason-Dixon Line (yankee), you probably won't have snow on the ground for Christmas. Add the whole global warming thing and perhaps most of us should start accepting and enjoying the fact that we can don not only gay apparel but shorts and flip-flops in the winter.

Still, I enjoy a good cold blast of air and it appears we may get that next week as the air patterns in the upper atmosphere begin to shift, bringing northern air into our lush, green, tropical paradise. It could drop overnight lows next week into the 30s, so break out your sweaters -- or, for some of you who apparently freeze to death when the mercury drops below 50 degrees, the heavy coats, long underwear and fleece-lined gloves.

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It's not Christmas in Houston unless the streets are sweating.


"Global warming"? I thought the alarmists changed it to "climate change"? Get with the program.

 Oh, and just wait. Winter is on it's way, just alittle late this year. We'll see what you say in February.


@Capt.Obvious You mean we gotta wait until February for winter? Ain't that a bitch.


@H_e_x   Oh Hexy. I see your reading comprehension is still non existent. I never said anything about Winter starting in Feb. I typed it will be cold in February. Slow down and read carefully next time to avoid the usual embarrassment.

Oh, and the Earth's climate is constant. It never changes, right? Any miniscule change automatically means man has caused it. 

There really is a sucker born every minute that will believe anything they're told. What a good little sheeple you are, Hexy! BAAAAA to the Gov't!


@Capt.Obvious @H_e_x I guess I wasn't aware that winter begins during February. I guess the Farmers Almanac is full of crap.

Personally, I'm hoping for a June winter like in the Southern Hemisphere. That would be completely normal and not worth any investigation at all, nope, not at all. It's not as if humans have any impact on anything. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a shithead, or as I like to call them, the vast majority of climate scientists.

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